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Full-scale movie set of the battleship Yamato in Onomichi
December 09, 2005 Onomichi, Hiroshima Pref, Japan. Photo: by Omami, T.N, and Inochan. Writing: by Omam

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This is 1/1 scale location set of the battleship Yamato for the Toei movie "Otokotachi no Yamato/YAMATO (literal translation: Men's Yamato/YAMATO)" that was shown to the general public in Japan from December 17, 2005. They have reconstructed a part of ship to the original size in the abolished shipbuilding docks of Hitachi Zosen corporation in Onomichi-city, Hiroshima Pref. The total construction cost of this big set is 600 million yen. This set was completed in March, 2005, and filming was done there until June. Then, it was opened to the public from July 17, 2005 to May 07, 2006.

The hull was reconstructed from the prow to the center vital part, and overall length is 190 m (623.3 ft), beam is 40 m (131.2 ft), and height is 15 m (49.2 ft). The armaments were specially replicated on port side. The most of armor and armaments were made with plywood and resin. The rivets and welding traces were replicated on those surfaces, and were painted the weathering like a real thing.

The set is located in Onomichi, Hiroshima Pref
This 3 photos were taken in Apr 30, 2005 before it was opened to the public. It is located in a dock along the Onomichi Channel of the Inland Sea.

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I visited Onomichi in Dec, 2005
Target attendance figures of the movie set of battleship Yamato at all periods were 250,000 people. But total attendance figures were 1,000,000 people in all periods. It was a lucky miscalculation for the promoter.

Well, I visited the site in opening time of weekday to avoid crowding. Luckily, the site was not crowded as yet.

There is a shuttle bus service from the the gate to the film set. The fare is free, and getting on time is only a few minutes. While moving by bus, the bow part of the battle ship Yamato was seen in the other side of the abolition factory in a moment. Wow!! There was a stir in passenger, and we were excited very much!!

I got off a bus, and there was a wall in front of me. The movie set of Yamato was in the other side. There was a vending machine of cooling drinks in the neighbor of this wall. It was designed the coloring of the Yamato movie.

Bow and Anchor Deck
When I went up stairs and exceeded it, there was the big bow of Yamato there. "Fantastic!!" "Great!!" We visitors were all overjoyed to see the big ship. It was a photography area of souvenir picture that a promoter established here. We had our picture taken with the Yamato for a background.
Then, I bought a ticket at the counter in the left of a bow, and boarded the Yamato from the port gangway.

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I was overwhelmed to her size when I entered the deck. She was suitable for a common name for super-battleship.

To tell the truth, the bow area was not replicated at first. It was added for tourism. Therefore the bow area was not filming..

46 cm (18 inch) 1st Main Gun
As for the 1st main gunt, It is only turret. The 3 barrels and right side were not replicated, because they were the areas that were needless for filming.

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46 cm (18 inch) 2nd Main Gun
The 2nd main gun was replicated perfectly, and is the highlight of this set. I was overpowered by this huge size. It is said that the weight of a main turret was the same as weight of a destroyer. I understood this fact.

15.5 cm (6 inch) 1st Sub Gun
The 1st sub gun was mounted on very high position. The slits of the extended armor plates were also replicated to this turret.

The tips of main and sub gun barrels were supported by props. It seems that those guns have not much endurance, because it is a movie set.

Riggings and Equipment
I took some pictures of the riggings and equipment on the movie set of Yamato.

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