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Eaglemoss Biweekly World Warships Collection Vol.6
1/1100 IJN Battleship Ise 1944

Work Date : July 2013

This miniature is added super details to the product.

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Biweekly World Warships Collection Vol.6 IJN battleship Ise

Biweekly World Warships Collection (Japanese : Sekai no Gunkan Collection) is the partwork published from Eaglemoss Publications Ltd. It is the collection series of 1/1100 scale die-cast old warship models of the world. It started in January, 2013, and planning all the Issues 80. It is sold only in Japan now. The price is 2,190 JPY.

Vol.6 The Battleship Ise was published on March 19, 2013.

Biweekly World Warships Collection Vol.5 IJN battleship Kongo (Amazon.co.jp)

Biweekly World Warships Collection Official Website (in Japanese)
1/1100 IJN battleship Kongo 1944 review and How to super detail

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Wayward blog by Cat and Cherry blossom

This blogger is the supervisor of the 1/1100 die-cast warship models of Biweekly World Warships Collection. He is a former chief of staff of Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force. He is writing a description and development episode of this product. (in Japanese)
(Aug 15, 2013)

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