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Step by Step Report the Fujimi Chibi-Maru Fleet Yamato / Musashi
Build the Chibi-Maru IJN Yamato Class So Childishly!!
I edited a review of the Fujimi Chibi-maru Fleet IJN Yamato Class battleships with my blog before.

Although this model is for children, it has super detail same as other Fujimi's 1/700 ships models! I was impressed by this high quality.

I was build it so childishly to fully convey the performance of this model!

Paint the body of ship
I painted on the body of ship German gray, and layered Neutral gray over it left the shadow unpainted

Paint the Wooden Deck

Painted the deck like a wooden floor to masked the boards one each.

Metallic Paint
Painted the search lights Mr.color Super Metallic SM08 Plate Silver NEXT [aoazon.com]. And divided into the outer barrels and the inner barrels with paint.

Weathering Effects

I used the Tamiya Weathering Master for Japanese Navy Ships (amazon.co.jp).

Brushed on the surface of deck the deck tan paint.

Brushed on the surface of ships side the light gray paint.

Brushed on the surface of skidproof pattern the light gray paint too.

Brushed on the surface of water line theorange rust paint a little.

Coated the Super Clear Flat paint on all the parts.

Put the Mirror Finish

The Reflectors of search lights and signal lights on the bridge are omitted. I punched the Hasegawa mirror finish film (amazon.co.jp), and put to the parts of lights.

Type 22 radars are omitted too. I punched the white decal with the GSI Cleos Mr. Rivet Marking (amiami)

Strain the lines

Strained the hoist ropes for signal flag of Nylon string.

Strained the Antenna lines and Tension wires of the Modelkasten Metal Rigging 0.06mm (amiami) .

The last process, put the Screws and rudders.

She is the 2nd ship Musashi for the time. She can change to 1st ship Yamato by exchanging parts.

What a small and pretty warship. she is!
(Sep, 27, 2012)

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